R. Zeca Afonso
Bloco estrela
Lote C 13 R/ch Esq.

6200-220 Covilhã

ANIMACTIVA is a company of entertainment tourism, sports activities and entertainment events.

Headquartered in Covilhã – Serra da Estrela, it carries out activities all over the country, since it is a dynamic company that will always seek to respond and adapt to the needs and desires of its customers, having as brand image the quality and safety of the services it offers.

Therefore, the company’s goals are to carry out sporting and entertainment events, as well as tourism and tourist events that allow participants to enjoy the enormous ecological, heritage and cultural value of the region.

In addition to these main areas of intervention, Animactiva company also has an amusement park for children (Animactiva KidsPark) and the largest Laser Tag arena in the Iberian Peninsula, both in the city of Covilhã.


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