Caldas da Felgueira – Termas & Spa

Balneário das Caldas da Felgueira
3525-201 Canas de Senhorim

In this thermal spa of millennium-old waters you will find your inner balance. Caldas da Felgueira – Termas & Spa offer you all the conditions to spend a period of overall tranquillity and well-being, surrounded by a natural landscape of rare beauty. A true balsam for your senses!




The Baths
The combination of the experience and knowledge gained over 100 years, a specialist Clinical Corps and new equipment and techniques allows to offer a broad range of treatments for the respiratory system, the musculo-skeletal system and for well-being programmes.
At the Baths in Felgueira, for either hot spring treatments or well being treatments, you will always find a programme to suit your needs.

The Waters
Our water is unique, sourced deep in the earth and conducted to the spa to be used in rites of cure, for well-being, for balance and beauty.
The natural mineral waters of Caldas da Felgueira are a natural sulphurous variety containing bicarbonates, sodium and are mesothermal (35 º Celsius)
Their stability and purity are guaranteed by means of permanent controls relating to bacteriological and physic/chemical content.
These excellent waters are used in our thermal treatments for the respiratory tract and for muscle/skeletal complaints as well as in our cosmetic, beauty and well-being packages.

Hot Spring Programmes
Our treatment packages are designed to take full advantage of the beneficial hot spring waters.
The 7 or 14 day packages for those affected by problems of the respiratory tract or problems with the muscle-skeletal systems are customized to suit the client’s needs by high specialized medical staff at the first medical appointment.

Wellbeing, Beauty and Aesthetic
Aiming those who want and demand healthier lives and want to improve their physical conditions, with the mineral spring water, Caldas da Felgueira has developed a wide range of wellbeing packages. These packages include very different SPA techniques, the products and also some activities in our Gymnasium guided by our Personal Trainers. From 2 to 14 days, just from a deep skin rehydration or anti-stress, till weight loss, anti-cellulite or reaffirming, there is the right programme for you!


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