“Barra” Lighthouse

Rising majestically over the sea, this is the tallest lighthouse in Portugal and one of the tallest in Europe. It marks the site where the Aveiro Lagoon meets the sea.

“The” wave of McNamara

On November 1st 2011, the 44 years-old Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara has reached the unthinkable:  he surfed a 78 feet (23,77 meters) wave during the ZON North Canyon Show in Praia do Norte beach, in Nazaré! On that year he set a World Guinness record and this iconic photo taken by photographer António Manuel Silva travelled the

3 metades

3 metades is a Portuguese grocery, located in Aveiro, where you will find the finest selection of national products, along with a friendly service.

A surprising cistercian Monastery – S. Cristóvão de Lafões

S. Pedro do Sul, at the heart of Lafões valley is surrounded by Arada and S. Macário Mountains – both of them integrated in Gralheira Mountain range. Luxuriant green landscapes crossed by crystal-clear river streams with hidden villages in the valleys. Located at an idyllic place, 14 km away from S. Pedro do Sul and

Água Formosa

Água Formosa (Fair Water) received its name because of the pure liquid which streams out of its fountain and is as relaxing as the fade sound of the water flow.

Aigra Nova

Enjoying its proximity to the panoramic road which connects the Serra da Lousã Schist Villages to the neveiros (snow keepers) in Nave de Santo António, Aigra Nova has been brought back to life.

Aigra Velha

With one single street, this small village is the ideal place to be far away from everything.


Alcobaça lies in the valleys of the Rivers Alcoa and Baça, which according to some authors is the origin of its name. It has also been suggested that it was the Arabic name of the place which was split to name the two rivers.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils in Aveiro

Vhils has been developing a very unique visual language, starting out from the more illegal and interventive side of graffiti, working the removal of surface layers of walls, objects and other, non-conventional media, which aim symbolically to establish a relation of continuity between cultural and social disparities.

Aliança Underground Museum

Prestigious art collector Joe Berardo has created Aliança Underground Museum in Aliança Wines of Portugal Wine Cellars in Sangalhos.


Located in a vast high plain overlooking the Côa River, Almeida was one of the most important strongholds in Portugal during Modern Age.

Almeida History and Military Museum

Almeida History and Military Museum is housed in the former so-called “Casamatas”, underground galleries dating back to the 18th century that were used for military defence, comprising 20 rooms and corridors.

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