“Barra” Lighthouse

Rising majestically over the sea, this is the tallest lighthouse in Portugal and one of the tallest in Europe. It marks the site where the Aveiro Lagoon meets the sea.

A surprising cistercian Monastery – S. Cristóvão de Lafões

S. Pedro do Sul, at the heart of Lafões valley is surrounded by Arada and S. Macário Mountains – both of them integrated in Gralheira Mountain range. Luxuriant green landscapes crossed by crystal-clear river streams with hidden villages in the valleys. Located at an idyllic place, 14 km away from S. Pedro do Sul and

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils in Aveiro

Vhils has been developing a very unique visual language, starting out from the more illegal and interventive side of graffiti, working the removal of surface layers of walls, objects and other, non-conventional media, which aim symbolically to establish a relation of continuity between cultural and social disparities.

Aliança Underground Museum

Prestigious art collector Joe Berardo has created Aliança Underground Museum in Aliança Wines of Portugal Wine Cellars in Sangalhos.

Almeida History and Military Museum

Almeida History and Military Museum is housed in the former so-called “Casamatas”, underground galleries dating back to the 18th century that were used for military defence, comprising 20 rooms and corridors.

Almeida Moreira Museum

In this typical Portuguese house, where Almeida Moreira Museum is, lived professor and art critic Francisco António Almeida Moreira, founder of Grão Vasco Museum.

Alta and University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra, the uptown (“Alta”) and Sofia were classified by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. Coimbra becomes the 15th UNESCO World Heritage site in Portugal.

Art Nouveau

It is at the centre of Aveiro, around the Rossio area and the houses where you can taste the delicious ovos moles, that you will find an interesting assemble of Art Nouveau buildings.

Art Nouveau Museum

The Art Nouveau Museum has opened its doors in Aveiro, located in Casa Major Pessoa, a true icon of art nouveau.

Aveiro Cathedral

Aveiro Cathedral is located at the old Dominican convent which is known because it was the first religious community to be established in the city.

Aveiro Railway station

It is ornamented with many “azulejos” panels of Factory Fábrica da Fonte Nova (1916) displaying regional motifs.

Aveiro University Campus

Aveiro has been one of the most dynamic and innovating Portuguese university cities since 1973.

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