“Barra” Lighthouse

Rising majestically over the sea, this is the tallest lighthouse in Portugal and one of the tallest in Europe. It marks the site where the Aveiro Lagoon meets the sea.

Art Nouveau

It is at the centre of Aveiro, around the Rossio area and the houses where you can taste the delicious ovos moles, that you will find an interesting assemble of Art Nouveau buildings.

Aveiro Railway station

It is ornamented with many “azulejos” panels of Factory Fábrica da Fonte Nova (1916) displaying regional motifs.

Aveiro University Campus

Aveiro has been one of the most dynamic and innovating Portuguese university cities since 1973.

Capitania do Porto de Aveiro

The building of Capitania do Porto de Aveiro currently belongs to Aveiro Town Hall. It is also known as “Capitania dos Arcos” and its history is indeed a long one.

Carpinteira pedestrian bridge

The city of Covilhã has beautiful ancient streets that will lead you to amazing places! But you will also find surprising spots like design ward-winning pedestrian bridge designed by prestigious Portuguese architect Carrilho da Graça. Travel + Leisure magazine considered this bridge one of the most interesting design spots in the world!

Castelo Branco Jews

Known since 1214, the Castelo Branco Jewish community, associated with commercial and craft traditions, quickly developed.

Costa Nova

Be amazed by the warmth of the Costa Nova fishing spirit which is still very much present in its sand plains. Discover the beach, the town and the history of this area.

Covilhã Cosmographers

In the wool city, Jews and New Christians were closely connected with the development of the wool industry and some members of this community stood out during the Age of Discovery. Two of them were Master José Vizinho and Francisco Faleiro, renowned Covilhã cosmographers.

Epigraph Archive of Idanha-a-Velha

The Epigraph Archive of Idanha-a-Velha was designed by architects Alexandre Alves Costa and Sérgio Fernandez (2008).

Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior Museum

Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior Museum is, without a doubt, an excellent starting point to discover the city and the region of Castelo Branco.

Guarda Jewish Quarter

A part of the Jewries Rout, which also includes Belmonte, Covilhã, Gouveia, Linhares da Beira, Celorico da Beira, Trancoso, Pinhel and Penamacor, the Jewry of Guarda is one of the most genuine corners of the medieval city.

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