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A surprising cistercian Monastery – S. Cristóvão de Lafões

S. Pedro do Sul, at the heart of Lafões valley is surrounded by Arada and S. Macário Mountains – both of them integrated in Gralheira Mountain range. Luxuriant green landscapes crossed by crystal-clear river streams with hidden villages in the valleys. Located at an idyllic place, 14 km away from S. Pedro do Sul and

Aveiro Cathedral

Aveiro Cathedral is located at the old Dominican convent which is known because it was the first religious community to be established in the city.

Carmelitas Church

A noble family from Aveiro ordered the convent of the Carmo nuns to be built during the 16th century.

Carmo Church

Carmo Convent, created in 1613 by the Barefoot Carmelites Friars, was known mainly because of its educational function when the College of Philosophy was installed in it.

Castle of Almourol

The Castle of Almourol is regarded as Portugal’s most beautiful castle! Situated on a small cliffy island in the middle of the Tagus River, Almourol Castle is one of the most significant military Medieval monuments, which best evokes the memory of the Knights Templar in Portugal.

Castle of Leiria

The Castle of Leiria is closed until April 2021 for requalification. Coming up from the city, visitors enter Leiria Castle through the Albacara Gateway. Inside this defensive bastion, there are various historical points of interest that have been well preserved. They include the Church of Nossa Senhora da Pena, the former Royal Palaces and the

Cathedral Churchyard

When you get to the Cathedral Churchyard, you will see one of the most beautiful squares in Portugal.

Cathedral of Castelo Branco

The Church of S. Miguel, which is the beautiful Cathedral of Castelo Branco, probably dates back to the 13th or 14th century.

Cathedral of Leiria

Built in 1559, the Cathedral of Leiria is a beautiful sober Mannerist building, as well as one of Portugal’s finest example of hall churches (Hallenkirchen), along with the Monastery of Alcobaça and Jeronimus Monastery in Lisbon. 

Church Igreja do Carmo

18th century church Igreja do Carmo is situated in the bottom of Rua de D. Francisco Alexandre Lobo.

Church of Santa Maria

This is one of the most beautiful churches in Portugal! The Church of Santa Maria, located at the heart of the historical centre of Covilhã, is covered in blue and white tiles depicting the life of the Virgin Mary.

Church of São Vicente

There are testimonies regarding the Church of São Vicente that date back to the Middle Age. The church that we observe nowadays is an 18th century temple in Baroque style.

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