Aliança Underground Museum

Prestigious art collector Joe Berardo has created Aliança Underground Museum in Aliança Wines of Portugal Wine Cellars in Sangalhos.

Almeida History and Military Museum

Almeida History and Military Museum is housed in the former so-called “Casamatas”, underground galleries dating back to the 18th century that were used for military defence, comprising 20 rooms and corridors.

Almeida Moreira Museum

In this typical Portuguese house, where Almeida Moreira Museum is, lived professor and art critic Francisco António Almeida Moreira, founder of Grão Vasco Museum.

Art Nouveau Museum

The Art Nouveau Museum has opened its doors in Aveiro, located in Casa Major Pessoa, a true icon of art nouveau.

Bairrada Wine Museum

This museum is a project of the Architect André Santos, which tells us every step the grapes must take until they become wine. It is located in Anadia and closes only on Mondays.

Belmonte Jewish Museum

Central Portugal’s Museums are waiting for you all year long! Today we will show you Belmonte Jewish Museum, which a major success case. In less than 2 years it has already been visited by over 16.000 people.

Bread Museum

In the Bread Museum of Seia, a real success in Portugal, kids are able not only to watch the bread cycle and its bakery process, but also to bake their own breads. Playing and learning hand on hand! Schedule From Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 – 18:00 Fridays and Satturdays until 22:00 Closes on Mondays

Caramulo Museum

Founded in the 1950s by brothers Abel and João Lacerda, this museum is divided into two buildings, one dedicated to art and the other to old cars.

Cargaleiro Museum

The genius of one the most outstanding Portuguese contemporary artists. Located in manor house Solar dos Cavaleiros in Castelo Branco.

Centre of Contemporary Culture

Designed by Barcelona-based architect Josep Lluis Mateo and Portuguese architect Carlos Reis de Figueiredo, the Centre of Contemporary Culture is a true landmark of Castelo Branco. This 4 floor building features the most challenging exhibitions and it is a remarkable icon of the city!

Cheese Museum of Pêraboa – Covilhã

The story of cheese-making in Serra da Estrela is absolutely fascinating, to say the least! In a small village named Pêraboa, only 14 km away from the city of Covilhã, you will find the challenging Cheese Museum – Museu do Queijo.

Côa Museum

Opened in 2010, Côa Museum allows you to discover the best art collection in the valley through replicas of the original engravings and interactive information, which uses modern digital technology, as well as guided tours to the valley with specialized guides.

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