Hills & Mountains

A surprising cistercian Monastery – S. Cristóvão de Lafões

S. Pedro do Sul, at the heart of Lafões valley is surrounded by Arada and S. Macário Mountains – both of them integrated in Gralheira Mountain range. Luxuriant green landscapes crossed by crystal-clear river streams with hidden villages in the valleys. Located at an idyllic place, 14 km away from S. Pedro do Sul and

At “terras de Sicó”

Located in the centre of Portugal, the region of Terras de Sicó covers six municipalities around the Serra de Sicó massif which divides the river basins of Nabão and Soure. The mountain is a living witness of the region’s ancient history, offering several important archaeological remains among its extensive oak forests.

Buçaco Woods

At the far end of Bussaco Mountain, where the highest range is 547 meters high, you’ll find Bussaco Woods, surrounded by a high wall with eleven entrance doors.

Serra da Estrela

When the landscape is breathtaking… fancy stroll through it slowly. At Serra da Estrela time gets a new pace, through the winding paths and boulders that seem to perch in the air.

Serra do Caramulo

The fresh air of Serra do Caramulo is the best gift Nature has to offer you. Located in a transition zone between Beira Alta and Beira Litoral, this mountain combines woods and scrublands with pure water streams and small waterfalls where small granite villages and granaries were quietly built into the free spaces of the landscape.

Tagus River

You will hardly find such a privileged destination to nature tourism as the Tejo Internacional area.

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