Schist Villages

Água Formosa

Água Formosa (Fair Water) received its name because of the pure liquid which streams out of its fountain and is as relaxing as the fade sound of the water flow.

Aigra Nova

Enjoying its proximity to the panoramic road which connects the Serra da Lousã Schist Villages to the neveiros (snow keepers) in Nave de Santo António, Aigra Nova has been brought back to life.

Aigra Velha

With one single street, this small village is the ideal place to be far away from everything.


You should not miss the chapels’ rout which has a wayside shrine in each path and countless surprises among its religious heritage. Pedestrian routes, river beaches, handicraft, food, quality rural lodgings: Álvaro has a little bit of everything.


Surrounded by a pine wood and the old Panasqueira Mines, Barroca still keeps its rural environment commanded by agricultural cycles.



This is the ideal place to work out your appetite before you leave to explore the landscape and monumental treasures of Serra da Lousã like the Biological Park, the Trevim or the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Casal de São Simão

Here you will find all this in one place where there is always something to do: caves to conduct speleology, a mountain to explore in MTB rides or pedestrian walks, dams and water streams inviting you to try canoeing.

Casal Novo

Surrounded by endless green, Casal Novo is the living in the country dream come true.


In Cerdeira, silence is only disturbed by the sound of the wind in the trees and an occasional distant bang coming from the studio of craftswoman Kristen Thomas who puts her obvious love for the village into her themes and materials.


It is believed that it once was an important mountain village, but nowadays, Chiqueiro is one of the smallest Schist Villages. However, it captivates visitors right from the first glance.


Strategically located, Comareira is the ideal place to start exploring Serra da Lousã.

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