Art Nouveau Tour (Aveiro)

Discover the charm of this delicate and seductive art period of the 20th century by taking a walking tour with a guide through the Art Nouveau route, a track created to help identifying all buildings and monuments.

Funtastic Bus

Coimbra has now a new sightseeing bus called Funtastic! An open-top-bus tour around Coimbra´s most beautiful sights, the belvederes, and historic spots.

Garden Tour

Discover the most amazing gardens of Centro de Portugal region and surrender to the unique beauty of these breathtaking places of inner peace and sheer bewilderment! 

Jewish quarters’ Tour

Come and discover Portuguese Jewish History and tradition in Beira lands!

Moliceiro Tours in the “Ria”

Small and colourful, painted in the bow and the stern with traditional bright coloured drawings which represent historical facts or popular devotion, moliceiros sail through the “Ria”, showing the other side of the city of Aveiro.

The Cherry Route

The city of Fundão stands out for the enormous quality of a unique product: the cherry, the main ingredient of the Cherry Festival which occurs annually in June. The whole landscape is dominated by cherry and is covered with red-passion! 

The Elephant’s Journey

In the middle of the 16th century the Portuguese King D. João III has given his cousin, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, a rather unusual wedding gift: an Asian elephant.

The Wool Route – Translana

Retrace the History of Beira; the Wool Route is waiting for you!

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