Gliding Barnacles | Figueira da Foz

Just as barnacles live their lives clinging on to ship hulls, surfers live theirs cling on to their surfboards — they are “Gliding Barnacles” ! It’s a wining combination: a group of surfers, good waves and several concerts, as well as surf-related workshops, small competitions, exhibits and artistic residencies ! This surf event takes place


Caramulo Motorfestival

Caramulo Motorfestival is a truly iconic event, organised by Museu do Caramulo, that takes place every year in the beautiful setting of Caramulo Mountain. This year Caramulo Motorfestival will be held from September 5th to 7th.


Christmas in Penela

Christmas time in Penela (34 km away from Coimbra) is lived in a very special way. Penela has Portugal’s biggest animated nativity in an area of 700 square meters with 150 wooden characters. The whole of Jerusalem is superbly depicted in this amazing nativity. A lot of entertainment, fun, colour and magic! 


Carnival of Estarreja

The Carnival tradition in Estarreja dates back to the end of the 19th century with the famous “flower battles” and it continues alive in the 21st century.


Queima das Fitas

From May 6th to 10th, the university city of Coimbra will host emblematic students’ feast Queima das Fitas. An exceptional opportunity to visit the city of students and witness a unique tradition! In Coimbra, where else?

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