Quarto de espanto – em torno da colecção da CGD

Foreigner or alien, Mattia Denisse has never known the feeling of belonging somewhere. He did not have enough patience  to wait for being condemned to exile and so he travelled. Across Europe, Africa and Brazil, searching for something that he would probably find if he stayed where he was in the first place. Fonte: Buala


Feira de S. Mateus | Viseu

Feira de São Mateus is one of Portugal’s most ancient fairs. All ways lead to this mythical fair, which became a true icon of Viseu! Music, gastronomy, handicraft, exhibits are the main ingredients for more over a month of pure entertainment! It takes place until September 21st. Let’s go!


CineEco Seia – International Environment Cinema and Video Festival

From October 21st to 28th the city of Seia will host the 23rd Edition of Cine Eco, a film festival wholly devoted to the environment theme. This festival foresees several movie cycles, as well as other initiatives.  


Christmas market in Viseu

Every year the beautiful historical city of Viseu is the stage of an enchanting Christmas market that fills the streets of the city with magic and light ! In this market there are pleasant warm drinks, superb regional products for sale, local handicraft and delicious chocolates ! Definitely, one of the best time of the


Cabeça, Christmas Village

Cabeça, Aldeia Natal, located in the region of Seia, Serra da Estrela is the first echo-sustainable Christmas village in the country! Supported by echo-design experts, local communities have engaged in the task of developing Christmas décor by using natural elements, agricultural and forest surplus, as well as wool of Serra da Estrela Mountain! 

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