Centennial | Cycle of sacred music | Fátima

14.05.2017 08.10.2017

Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima
Apartado 31

2496-908 Fátima

In the five concerts integrated in the Cycle of Sacred Music, some elements of memory – tradition of Christian sacred music are given. It was not difficult to find the “line “, the ” understanding horizon ” for this specific cycle of recitals, as the presence of the Virgin Mary in music, since her first apparition in the Christian worship, is so deep, so constant and rich. On the opposite, it was undoubtedly more difficult to choose the memories: even though these concerts should be heard in tune with all the artistic program of the Centennial of the Apparitions of Fatima, they are still simple fragments of an immeasurable horizon , where so many voices had to remain in silence!


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