Fólio – Óbidos International Literature Festival

19.10.2017 29.10.2017

The third edition of FOLIO – Óbidos International Literature Festival, organised by Óbidos City Hall, celebrates the Revolution this year.

This year Óbidos will cooperate with other creative literary towns, recognised by UNESCO, such as Granada and Heildelberg, bringing a programme that combines music and literature, and Montreal, city of Design.

FOLIO also includes other challenging chapters, namely:
FOLIA – classes on Utopia and creative shows, specifically produced for the festival.
EDUCA – the festival brings together the most prestigious international professors, librarians and scholars in a seminary that combines education, literature and literacy.
ILUSTRA – a special space dedicated to illustration. Images and words hand in hand.
FOLIO MAIS – several discussions on books at Casa dos Bons Malandros and the opening of other bookshops, among them Labirinto bookshop with, approximately,70.000 books.


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