MONITOR – Minimal Wave & Post-Punk International Rendez-Vous | Leiria


A festival for alternative music lovers in a city that bursts with culture, Leiria. This festival is organised by the cultural association Fade In, also in charge of the Gothic Festival Entremuralhas that takes place every year by the end of August within the walls of the deeply mysterious Castle of  Leiria.  Amazing concerts, absolute premieres in Portugal, the 3rd edition of MONITOR – Minimal Wave & Post-Punk International Rendez-Vous will certainly be a major success for urban tribes that love to go against the tide!

AUTOBAHN (uk) + L’AN2000 (fr) + PETRA FLURR & 89st (d/mx) + BLACK NAIL CABARET (h/uk) + HANTE. (fr) + FRAGRANCE (fr)


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