Explore Aveiro

Rua Gustavo Ferreira Pinto Basto, 6
3 810 - 319 Aveiro

More than guiding tourists, Explore Aveiro provides experiences.
It’s all about sharing the love to travel and the passion for human contact and welcoming visitors and travellers.
The focus is helping you get the most of the experience of exploring Aveiro, to make sure that you will love it, learn about it and have stories to tell once you get back home.
The company has spent long time learning about Aveiro’s history, culture and stories. Studied books, spoke to the elderly people, walked the streets over and over and we live here.

Spoken Languages

Portuguese, English, Spanish, French


  • Walking Tour + Degustation + Moliceiro
  • Walking Tour + Lunch + Moliceiro
  • Walking Tours + several workshops
  • Tailor-made packages


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