LUISA TODI Tour Operator/ DMC

Rua 31 de janeiro 93 D
2500-118 Caldas da Rainha

with 13 years of experience in the field of group incoming, tours, companies’ incentives and conferences, foreign markets, with an extensive knowledge of the product (Portugal), with an excellent relationship with their hundreds of suppliers and customers in different countries, is today a prestigious company in our country and highly respected by colleagues in the industry.

For the enterprise the most important part of the company is the human resources; therefore, the employees are part of a team of professionals, committed to the company and to the customers, showing enthusiasm in what they do. They have extensive product knowledge and training, which turns itself into personal motivation and professional achievement recognized by the company. Only with these values can the enterprise successfully implant the most diverse projects of customers’ leisure travel or business.

Tour Operator Incoming
Portugal mainland


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