Luz Houses

Rua Principal nº 78 – Moimento
2495-650 Fátima

Welcome to a new place!
Inspired by the past… with eyes on the future.

Luz Houses is a charm accommodation located in Fátima. It is a small village inspired by the past of a place and a population, where the architecture and its life can be felt in every single detail. Mystical secrets are kept here, the walls speak to visitors, inviting them to explore the place, enjoying sweet moments of simplicity.

Inspired by the traditional 19th and 20th century architecture, this small village hides in a mystical woods, where in crystal-clear nights we can hear the chantings of the Sanctuary of Fátima, located on a 5 minute walking distance.

Just like an ancient village, surrounded by a garden bathed by natural light, Luz Houses include several living areas.

Mãe Casa is a place for getting together, whether on breakfast or simply chatting by the fireplace, where you can have light meals or buy some special items in the grocery that remind us of a very ancient Portugal, but not forgotten.

In our garden you will find a small natural grout, where senses are awaken. Illuminated by small light dots, this grout was transformed into a wellness area, where you can enjoy relaxing massages and body treatments, based on a fusion of local know-how and oriental techniques.

The house also has sheep, pleasing both grown-ups and kids; a small hermitage, which is the end spot of the meditation trail, a contemplation and meditation spot, where some personal but very emotional moments take place.

Luz Houses is a unique place where you can live pleasant and unforgettable experiences !

A soul experience…


# Beds Handicapped Whirlpool No Smokers Internet
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  • Acústica
  • Energética A+
  • Gás
  • Medidas de Autoprotecção


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