Street art in Estarreja

The municipality of Estarreja has created a consistent street art route that started with the inspiring work of Bordallo II, depicting a colourful Kingfisher out of waste. This work can be seen in the municipal park of Antuã, in Estarreja.

After the success of Bordallo II work “Guarda-rios”- created for the Birdwatching Fair ObservaRia – Urban Art Festival ESTAU has brought the community and art together through several ways, such as mural painting, installations, workshops, movies, conferences, guided visits and performances.

ESTAU – Urban Art Festival of Estarreja

Add Fuel // PT
An accomplished graphic designer and illustrator, Add Fuel (Diogo Machado, 1980) has been building a solid reputation as a visual and graphic artist in recent years. Having first created a unique visual universe populated by sci-fi inspired, fun-loving creatures, the Portuguese artist has recently redirected his attention to reinterpreting the language of traditional tile design, and the Portuguese azulejo in particular.

Bicicleta sem Freio // BR
The Brazilian graffiti artists Bicicleta sem Freio have left an impressive colourful artwork on the wall of Cine-Teatro de Estarreja, a true hymn to music and to the so typical “joie de vivre” of the south hemisphere. We can read in the mural that music is, according to these artists, “an invisible beast”.  This artwork leaves everyone breathless. Powerful colours along with multiple lively elements, deeply inspired by local fauna and flora.

Bordallo II // PT
Along with worldwide acclaimed street artist VHILS, Bordallo II was considered by Street Art News one of the best urban artists in the world. This installation – “Guarda-rios” – depicting a colourful Kingfisher that can be seen in this beautiful region scored the 9th place on WideWalls Top100! Bordallo II turns trash into art and he was surely caught the eye of the world!

Bosoletti // AR
Born in Argentina, Bosoletti combines a very classicist style with a highly engaged art expression. His works have remarkable earth tones, mastering shadow and light. During ESTAU – Urban Art Festival of Estarreja, Bosoletti conceived 2 artworks. One of his most impressive works depicted the refugee crisis, a very powerful and moving contemporary theme.

Fintan Magee // AU 
Worldwide acclaimed Australian street artist Fintan Magee has left several marks of his art across the globe: Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Tunisia, Dublin and London. His first time in Portugal was in Estarreja. For ESTAU festival, this gifted Australian artist has painted a beautiful girl with her head on the clouds, conveying the message of a hard life for young people who live far away from the big cities and all opportunities ahead of them.

Hazul // PT
One of the most mysterious Portuguese graffiters, Hazul Luzah was born in Porto and he has never shown his face. He spent some time working undercover, creating provocative artworks, defying the establishment. Truly inspired by the blue colour, a true leitmotiv of his works, Hazul created a beautiful blue and yellow wall, depicting the charming “moliceiros”, the typical boats of the region.

Isaac Cordal // ES
Born in 1974 in Pontevedra, Isaac Cordal is the master of miniature art. This artist strategically places his tiny men and women across the city streets and the true challenge is to find them ! He has a very critical view on globalisation, anonymous life and the destructive power of everyday routine.

Kruella d’Enfer // PT
Ângela Ferreira is a visual artist and an illustrator known in the street art world as Kruella d’Enfer. Her creative works are fuelled by imaginary beings and ancestral myths and legends in a lively symphony of colour and huge shapes.
In Estarreja, Kruella created a true precious “Diamond”, praising female beauty and the inspiring art nouveau motifs, so typical of this region.

NeSpoon // PL
The work of this Polish artist consists of printing traditional laceworks, either in clay or upon walls. According to her vision, laceworks contain a genetic code, deeply embedded in each culture. We find symmetry in all laces, some sort of order and harmony.

Check out the map of street art works in Estarreja in this link !

Photos by Miguel Gonçalves.


Câmara Municipal de Estarreja
Praça Francisco Barbosa
3864-001 Estarreja

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