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The Land of the Jews and the Cabrais birthplace, Belmonte is a part of a defensive line which, prior to the signature of the Alcanizes Treaty in 1297, protected Alto Côa.

Border Castles

There are 15 castles next to the raiana border in the central region of Portugal which tell us little pieces of History with short stories of wars and intrigue, Kings and Infantas, love and betrayal, bravery and justice.


European Cycle Tourism Week

At the end of June, 29th June till 06th July, Portugal will host the European Cycle Tourism Week, a major event promoted by the European Cycling Federation, represented in Portugal by the Portuguese Cycling Federation. Belmonte will be the base for this event, whose purpose is to promote leisure cycling, unhurriedly and without races, where

Historical Villages of Portugal

They can be very small dots in the world map, but it was thanks to them that the fate of a country was changed. Strategically placed next to the Spanish border, Portugal’s historical villages are the work result of many generations of Kings who were concerned about territorial defence and decided to populate and fortify the area.

Museu das Descobertas

Interpretation Centre “Discovering the New World” is a museum devoted to maritime Portuguese Discoveries and especially to the discovery of Brazil by Pedro Álvares Cabral.

Portuguese Judaism today: Belmonte, the Jewish nation

Belmonte is, perhaps, the Portuguese town with the strongest Jewish presence and it stands out because it was a unique case, within the Iberian Peninsula, where Hebrew culture and tradition have lasted since the early 16th century until today.

Pousada Convento de Belmonte

Located in a slope of Estrela mountain, only 1km away from the town of Belmonte (cradle of Pedro Álvares Cabral), the Pousada de Belmonte was born from the recovery of the ruins of the old Convent Nossa Senhora da Esperança, over a 13th century hermitage, and probably over the vestiges of ancient places of pagan cults.

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