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Casa de Castelo Novo – TR

Granite 17th-century house, with a rare angular window worthy of note, situated in the highest region of the historical village of Castelo Novo. This privileged position turns the house’s rustic garden into a place of exceptional beauty, surrounded by the mountainside to the south and west, and by the vast scenery of the plain of Idanha to the east.

Casa do Cimo – TH

The 6 century-old Manor House Casa do Cimo is the ideal starting point to discover a truly charming region. Located in the surroundings of Alpedrinha and Historical Village Castelo Novo, Casa do Cimo has 9 bedrooms and a suite, a room/bar with fireplace, living rooms with library and game rooms, in a cosy ambiance, full of comfort.

Casa Petrus Guterri – TH

This manor house benefits from a privileged location in the Historical Village of Castelo Novo, surrounded by a magnificent natural landscape. It has five double rooms, air-conditioned and central heating. Visitors have the chance not only of staying in one room, but also in the house, including bed & breakfast.

Castelo Novo

Like many other raia beirã towns, Castelo Novo grew around its walls with narrow streets which go around the slope until they reach the Keep.

Historical Villages of Portugal

They can be very small dots in the world map, but it was thanks to them that the fate of a country was changed. Strategically placed next to the Spanish border, Portugal’s historical villages are the work result of many generations of Kings who were concerned about territorial defence and decided to populate and fortify the area.

Solar Dom Silvestre – TH

Silvestre Fernandez Leiton commissioned this work in the year of 1616” is the phrase inscribed below the stone-carved coat of arms of the manor house Solar Dom Silvestre. It is located in the Historic Village of Castelo Novo, which in turn is nestled in the southern flank of the Gardunha Mountain.

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