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Bishop’s Palace Garden

The Garden of the Bishop’s Palace in Castelo Branco is one of the most original examples of the Baroque in Portugal!

Buçaco Woods

At the far end of Bussaco Mountain, where the highest range is 547 meters high, you’ll find Bussaco Woods, surrounded by a high wall with eleven entrance doors.

Buddha Eden Garden

Join us for a visit of the Quinta dos Loridos, where the impressive Buddha Eden – the largest oriental garden in Europe, can be found. The oriental garden with around 35 hectares of land was created as a reaction to the destruction of the Buddhas of Banyan, in which one of the greatest acts of cultural

Garden Tour

Discover the most amazing gardens of Centro de Portugal region and surrender to the unique beauty of these breathtaking places of inner peace and sheer bewilderment! 

Mata dos Sete Montes

Situated in the centre of Tomar next to one of the main avenues, the woods Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes with 39 ha is the main park of the city. There are 7 hills occupied by luxurious vegetation, where we can also find aromatic and medicinal herbs.

Municipal Park Aquilino Ribeiro

The Park Aquilino Ribeiro is one of the lungs of Viseu, inhabited by big trees and other vegetation species. These are testimonies of the times when this park belonged to a medieval property and later to the Convent of Santo António dos Capuchos, based on Quinta de Maçorim.

Park D. Carlos I

Located at the heart of the charming city of Caldas da Rainha, Park D. Carlos I was named after the Portuguese king.

Park of contemporary sculpture | Vila Nova da Barquinha

The works of the major Portuguese sculptors can be seen at the Park of Contemporary Sculpture in Vila Nova da Barquinha, an absolutely one-of-kind location in Portugal !

Quinta das Lágrimas

Revive your romantic side with a visit to the stage of the most well-known Portuguese love story.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden seems to be the perfect island in the centre of the city, but it is its scientific value that makes it unique.

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