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Carpinteira pedestrian bridge

The city of Covilhã has beautiful ancient streets that will lead you to amazing places! But you will also find surprising spots like design ward-winning pedestrian bridge designed by prestigious Portuguese architect Carrilho da Graça. Travel + Leisure magazine considered this bridge one of the most interesting design spots in the world!

Cheese Museum of Pêraboa – Covilhã

The story of cheese-making in Serra da Estrela is absolutely fascinating, to say the least! In a small village named Pêraboa, only 14 km away from the city of Covilhã, you will find the challenging Cheese Museum – Museu do Queijo.

Church of Santa Maria

This is one of the most beautiful churches in Portugal! The Church of Santa Maria, located at the heart of the historical centre of Covilhã, is covered in blue and white tiles depicting the life of the Virgin Mary.

Church of São Vicente

There are testimonies regarding the Church of São Vicente that date back to the Middle Age. The church that we observe nowadays is an 18th century temple in Baroque style.

Loja do Paço

Loja do Paço is a charming shop located in the back of the beautiful granite Cathedral, in the city of Guarda.

Miguel Gigante | Atelier de Burel

Miguel Gigante is a skilful fashion designer based in the city of Covilhã, who works only with the so-called “burel” wool, the one that it is used by the shepherds of Serra da Estrela Mountain and he makes art pieces out of wool! His label includes a vast range of creations: coats, furniture coverings, lamps,

Misericórdia Church of Guarda

The original foundation of this Misericórdia Church dates back to 1611, as evidenced by written documentation and tombs inside the building. However its current design dates back to the 18th century, presenting a Baroque style.

Museum of Guarda

Created in 1940, Guarda Museum was settled in the old Archdiocesan Seminary and it currently has a collection of around 4800 pieces which come mostly from the Guarda municipality. The most representative nucleuses are those of Archaeology, Religious Sculpture and Painting and also 20th century Portuguese Armoury and Painting.

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall of Guarda is located in one of the main squares of the 15th century city next to the Cathedral. The building was probably erected in the sixteenth century, but it was only in the 17th century that it became the City Hall. Later the prison, the court and the notary were

Pão do Sabugueiro

Created in 1992, the bread “Pão do Sabugueiro” is a true icon of the region of Seia.

Teatro Municipal da Guarda

The theatre Teatro Municipal da Guarda is the stage of the main cultural events of the city of Guarda, deeply linked to the urban community by organising several remarkable street shows, as well as guided performed tours to the precious 8 hundred years-old historical centre. 

The Balconies of Guarda

Set of houses located within the walled perimeter, in the main square of the historical centre – Luís de Camões Square, opposite the north gate of the Cathedral.

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