Termas de Luso

Rua Álvaro Castelões
3050-230 Mealhada

Termas de Luso brings thermal care to a whole new level through an innovative concept of thermal station, thermal spa and medical center. Its fantastic facilities, surrounded by the century-old Buçaco Woods, make it possible to find the perfect balance between body, mind and soul.

Type of Water


Termas de Luso offers several programmes of Thermal Health and Thermal Spa.

Thermal Health Programmes
- Therapeutic Thermalism and Physical Rehabilitation
- Thermal Spa and Nutrition designed by nutritionist Ágata Roquete and Chef Albano Lourenço

Thermal Spa programmes
- exclusive relax and wellness experiences through the benefits of Luso thermal water

Breathing pathologies
Digestive diseases
Kidney diseases
Methabolism diseases
Muscle & skeleton diseases


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