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Balloon Flight | Central Portugal

Central Portugal does not disappoint in its contrasts. Within its region you´ll find the widest and highest mountain ranges of the country, historic villages with ancient traditions, schist villages resistant to the force of time and nature, continued by numeral gorgeous sights on the crystal clear waters of the River Mondego. There are treasures stored between walls, glacial lakes and trails that meander to the highest point of the imposing Serra da Estrela.  On the Atlantic coast, there is an immense coastline to explore, vivid beaches ready to cool you off on the hottest day of summer.

A Unique Experience

A balloon ride gives you a different view on the world and an opportunity to fly at the wind’s whim. The surprise starts early, by the filling of the balloon “naturally” with some help of the Windpassenger crew “realizing its impressive size for the first time”. Once the balloon takes shape thanks to the powerful burners, it time to climb into the basket as your travels in uncertain direction is just about start, with guaranteed fun along the way.

Flying without wings!

We at Windpassenger love what we do daily, how many people are able to say that they spend the day roaming the sky?

Since the year 1987 we have been flying over Portugal with all the pleasure imaginable, with here and there a short escape to the Azores, Madeira, Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Angola. We created the Windpassenger brand to be able to share this incredible feeling of climbing up to high altitudes and naturally the sense of freedom that comes with it.

We are a company with our heads wandering through the clouds and feet still firmly set on the ground. Where we always like to go up high, enabling ourselves to provide the best moments of leisure and fun to share with all the partakers. Since 2004 we have flown over 23,000 passengers with a team of experienced pilots, that are besides more than willing, highly skilled.

We are a Portuguese company dedicated exclusively to passenger transport by the use of hot air balloons, with all EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certificates, insurances and licenses that are inspected annually by a CAMO company (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization). This to assure maximum quality and safety, right from the start.

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