This is the Top 10 of the coolest spots and experiences to discover during your Summer holidays in Center of Portugal! A safe destination off the beaten track. There is more to Summer life than the south.

1. Falling asleep to the sound of waves at Areias do Seixo Hotel

A magical place less than an hour from Lisbon Airport, Areias do Seixo Hotel exudes nature and was born out of the indomitable passion for travel. The pine trees, the dunes, and the sea whisper their secrets in your ear. Feel the originality, the comfort, and the sophistication in a perfect fusion with the soil. Each room confides to you a different story.
This exceptional hotel has 14 rooms in the main building, 1 charming tent for romantic stays and 16 villas, the ideal solution for extended family stays. In the hotel restaurant a journey of aromas, flavors, and colours waits for you, taking advantage of the soil’s natural gifts and the permaculture benefits. Hidden behind enigmatic wooden doors, the hotel spa offers to you a world of unique sensations.

Photo credits: Areias do Seixo

2. Good vibes only at Noah Surf House

Noah Surf House is located at Praia da Fisica, in Santa Cruz, 1 hour away from Lisbon Airport, in full respect and consonance with nature, looking over the sea.

This sustainable sea-inspired unit consists of 8 rooms and 13 bungalows, uniquely decorated, offering its guests a very comfortable and cozy stay. Noah Surf House has a bar and snacks service, restaurant, panoramic terrace and solar deck with the best view of the sunset, multipurpose room, swimming pool (infinity pool), organic garden, surf school, functional training room, yoga, skate park and a fully-equipped kitchen to share with other travelers. Activities like surf, yoga, skating, stand up paddle, liquid balance or functional training are part of a usual day in Noah Surf House.

Photo credits: Fernando Donasci

3. Panoramic swing in Nazaré

Beautifully located at the top of Nazaré (Sítio district), Ladeira swing offers a truly unrivalled view over the endlessness of the Atlantic, the beach of Nazaré, the surfers challenging the ocean and the impeccably aligned white houses. Some say that Ladeira swing is a door to paradise.

Ladeira swing was officially opened in the Autumn of 2020, during the particularly difficult time of the pandemic. It can be regarded as a tribute to the dazzling beauty of Nazaré and its friendly welcoming people.

The inscription engraved on the top of the swing says: “It was love at first sight”. A place to marvel at the endless beauty of the involving natural landscape. And to be thankful for life’s greatest gifts. There’s no other love like the first one.

Photo credits: Veco Urban Design

4. Salty baths in the salt ponds of Aveiro

The active tourism company Cale do Oiro was born from the passion of a small group of citizens from Aveiro, eager to share the natural and cultural richness with those who visit the city of Aveiro. In ts wide portfolio of activities, this company organises salty baths in the salt ponds of Aveiro. There is a salt pool available and the bottom of the pool is covered by the natural mud of the salt ponds. The high concentration of salt allows people to float, like in the Dead Sea.

Photo credits: Cale do Oiro

5. Diving in Berlenga

Located opposite to Peniche, the Archipelago consists of 3 groups of small islands: Berlenga Grande (the only inhabited one, that can be visited by boat from Peniche) and the nearby reefs, Estelas and Farilhões-Forcadas; their geological nature is different from that of the Portuguese coast.

The Islands have their particular fauna and flora, with characteristics that make their ecosystem unique in the world, the importance of which was recognised by the creation of the Berlenga Nature Reserve in 1981.

Berlenga is the perfect destination for diving aficionados from all over the world!

Photo credits: Monica Gumm

6. The colourful houses of Costa Nova

A part of the colours and beauty of Aveiro is inseparable from the famous haystacks of Costa Nova. These traditional structures were used by fishermen to store their fishing materials and have also been used as beach houses throughout the years. Built near the beach, they welcome the sea with their façades painted in bright coloured stripes.

Be amazed by the warmth of the Costa Nova fishing spirit which is still very much present in its sand plains. Discover the beach, the town and the history of this area. You can also visit other beaches near-by like the Vagueira and Mira beaches. A true journey back in time!

Photo credits: Monica Gumm

7. Bronze – Seafood & Lounge Bar in Costa Nova beach

Heavenly located in the seafront in the beautiful Costa Nova beach, famous for its colourful houses in stripes, a few minutes away from Aveiro, Bronze – Seafood & Lounge Bar has been distinguished by the prestigious British newspaper The Guardian as being one of the 10 best beach restaurants in Europe!

This beach restaurant is famous for many delightful specialities: tuna steak with sweet potato puree, ceviche, octopus or red fruit cheesecake. The perfect spot for a lazy weekend lunch or a romantic dinner by sunset.

Photo credits: Bronze – Seafood & Lounge Bar

8. Loriga river beach

The mountain village of Loriga had a strong textile industry. The imposing Penha dos Abutres at a height of 1800 meters can be seen from this mountain village. Loriga has the only river beach in Portugal situated at a glacial valley. A luxury for the eyes!

Loriga river beach

9. Living the hobbit life at Chão do Rio

Situated in Travancinha, 12 km from the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, Chão do Rio – Turismo de Aldeia offers a sustainable living experience. On their 8-ha farm, nature is cherished and enjoyed by guests.

The 6 comfortable thatched stone houses are arranged around the organic pool, built to resemble the lagoons of Serra da Estrela. Breakfast is served in baskets and includes regional specialties.

Guests are encouraged to explore the nearby trails on foot or with the freely available bicycles. Children can entertain themselves with wheelbarrows, collect eggs from the mobile chicken coop, feed the sheep named “Flor” and “Estrela,” have a dip with the frogs, or simply play freely and safely.

Photo credits: Chão do Rio

10. Kayak tours in the World Heritage site of Côa Valley

Côa Museum organises exciting kayak tours across the Côa River. These tours include a detailed guided visit to the rock art engravings of World Heritage Archaeological Park of Côa Valley. At the heart of the most breath-taking natural landscape!

The kayak tours combine physical activity, leisure, rock art and fauna and flora observation, crossing the valley of successive generations of rock art, an area that is part of the National Ecological Reserve. Starting at Canada do Inferno or Fariseu, during the meandering route along the river, it is possible to observe the existing biodiversity, in addition to the immemorial aurochs, horses, goats or deer inscribed on the schist. 

Photo credits: Côa Museum