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Harry Potter for beginners in Coimbra!

We have never understood why the famous fado of Coimbra says that the beauty of Coimbra strikes the most as we leave the city. It’s the other way round. As we approach this charming city knelt upon Mondego river, we can feel History in all its speechless splendour.
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And lots of Harry Potter-like black clad University students. We can also feel that too. Especially by night, when they tend to speak a little louder. But that’s part of the mystique of Coimbra, one of the oldest University cities in the Old Continent.

If you are patient enough to wait in line a little bit, don’t miss the opportunity to enter the truly magnificent gold-covered 18th century Joanina Library, considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. And the whole University of Coimbra of course, led by memorable guides who really love their job and who have the privilege to work in such a prestigious institution, praised all over the world.

Visiting Coimbra is evoking the Portuguese-speaking world. And Harry Potter too. But the spell of Coimbra lasts forever.

Low season: November 1st to March 27th
From Monday to Friday: 09:30-17:30
Weekends: 10:30-16:30

High season: March 28th to October 31st
Every Day: 09:30-19:30

January 1st
December 24th and 25th
December 31st closes at 14:00

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