Neverending is a trademark of Eon, Indústrias Criativas Lda, developing its programmes and products within the scope of cultural tourism.
It is therefore a tourism operator exploring a special segment: historic and archaeological tourism.
We travel through fabulous and mysterious places. We visit monuments full of history and memory.
We cover thousands of years of history. We do it with passion and enthusiasm, with exquisite and refinement.
We know all of these. Follow us!

The age of the Cathedrals: Viseu´s Cathedral
From fortress to military camp. Viseu in the times of the Moors.
Wood and Gold: the luxury of religious art
From Vissaium to Viseu. The city history.

Sacred stones: The painted megalithic art of Viseu
The monasteries of the Cistercian order and the medieval imagination
In the Kings´ Age: castles and fortresses
The Magic of the Past
The Romanesque Route: integrity with style
Prehistoric sacred stones of the Viseu region