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Schultz Operador Turístico

For over 30 years in Brazil and 5 years in Portugal, Schultz have a huge portfolio of travel products and services, such as domestic and international packages, airline tickets, group travel, hotels and car rental.

Schultz has developed with great success in recent years several travel itineraries for Portugal, Spain and Lourdes, in France, called Small Groups, which consist of trips in vans with a minimum of 2 passengers.

These itineraries are unforgettable, where passengers can enjoy more about the cities, scenery and their local cuisine, with great flexibility, as it is possible to balance the established itinerary with other options of interest.

Nowadays, the Small Groups product is a reality in Brazil, Canada, the United States of America, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay.
Schultz is part of the JTB tourism group, the world's largest ground circuit company selling circuits to Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, India and Japan markets. There are over 1000 different tours, 130.000 passengers per year traveling on circuits from 25 countries!

Schultz Operador Turístico

Avenida Tomás Ribeiro, 43 bloco 2 A, sala G, 1 andar, Edificio Neopark
2790-221 Carnaxide
+351 219 363 534
+351 912 212 557
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