CineEco – Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental da Serra da Estrela is a festival dedicated to the environment in its widest sense, taking place systematically every year in October since 1995, organised by the City Hall of Seia.

It is one of the oldest environmental movie festivals in the world and one of the founders of the international platform Green Film Network, assembling 40 international environmental movie festivals

Annually thousands of movies are sent to competition from over 40 countries and approximately 100 are chosen.

Apart from special sessions, CineEco has three competitions: Feature Film Competition; Short-Film Competition; TV Series and Portuguese-speaking Competition.

The festival assembles every year the most recent national and international productions on the environmental theme, in order to arouse debate and widen the knowledge and awareness on necessary behavioural changes of governments, enterprises and individuals, for preserving life in the planet.

Welcoming around 10 thousand spectators in each edition, this festival organises several editions along the year in many cities in Portugal, attracting new public through environmentally aware cinema.

The festival programme also includes several initiatives – conferences on environment and development; workshops; masterclasses; concerts and exhibits.