The purpose of the festival is to share the history and railway heritage through an innovative event which brings together music, theater, literature and lots of family fun. The scenario presented by the National Railway Museum guarantees an artistic framework, unique in the country.

This year, the second edition of “Festival Vapor: A Steampunk Circus” will held between September 27-29, at the National Railway Museum, in Entroncamento, with free entry during the three-day festival. Tickets will be available during the Festival, at the reception of the National Railway Museum.

The city of Entroncamento is located  22 minutes away from Tomar, in Tagus Valley, and it was born in the industrial age when camps were pitched for workers at a junction in the network (“entroncamento” means junction in Portuguese). It soon became a nexus point for freight and passenger trains heading north and east. The most famous figures of the period would join for a meal at the station’s restaurant before transferring.