Água Formosa (Fair Water) received its name because of the pure liquid which streams out of its fountain and is as relaxing as the fade sound of the water flow. That is why it has been attracting so many people who are running away from the stress in the city find their haven here. Thanks to the recovery works in the village, clearly visible on the pedestrian bridge over the Galega Stream, the number of residents has been increasing. Orchards grow and stone houses come to life with everyday life sounds. It is worth your while to take a visit and feel the warmth of the neighbours and a certain feeling of hope in the air in this sunny slope ten kilometres away from the Portuguese Geodesic Centre. Try a stroll through the Schist Paths of Água Formosa which use the old paths tracked by millers and farmers near the Galega and Valada streams, with a majestic view made of woods and rocky outcrops which make you forget all worries.