Enjoying its proximity to the panoramic road which connects the Serra da Lousã Schist Villages to the neveiros (snow keepers) in Nave de Santo António, Aigra Nova has been brought back to life.Nowadays, the village is an imperative stopping place both for those who travel through this road and those who come because of the constant activities of Lousitânea (League of Serra da Lousã Friends), which has its headquarters in this village, in the same building as the Schist Villages Store. With this organization, it is possible not only to participate in many organized hikes which take you, for example, to the Maternity of Trees, an incubator in which you can sponsor one of the specimens, or to participate in one of many environmental education programs. Aigra Nova is a privileged meeting point for those who wish to know what is best done in recovering memories, traditions and heritage at Serra da Lousã.