Aveiro has been one of the most dynamic and innovating Portuguese university cities since 1973. Located between the salterns and the city centre, Aveiro University provided a new dynamic to the city; it revived its cultural life and contributed for its urban development by creating new areas. Built as small city, Aveiro University Campus was designed by some of the most important Portuguese contemporary architects. Stroll through the Campus and be amazed by works created by Siza Vieira, Souto Moura, Alcino Soutinho, Carrilho da Graça or Gonçalo Byrne.

BUGA to the University

If you are visiting Aveiro, you should not miss the chance to discover the University Campus which, like an open air contemporary art museum, receives numerous specialists, architecture students or simple curious visitors every year.

The area, just one step away from the city’s historic centre, is surrounded by the natural beauty of the salterns which spread into the lagoons like a white sea. Enjoy the campus green areas which blend quietly and modernly with the Lagoon. This area is inviting to ride a BUGA, the free use bike of Aveiro. Ride along the outer space, stop at a coffee shop while you enjoy the view or visit the university’s library which has over 230 000 books. When you return to the city, ride through the paths along the Lagoon, which will allow you to enjoy a unique view over the salterns and the marsh.