Discover the dazzling sandy beaches in the region of Alcobaça. The perfect destination for your Summer vacations ! Very close to the stunning World Heritage Monastery of Alcobaça.

Pedra D’Ouro

This is a vast beach surrounded by black hills, coloured by marl stone. In the north hill there is a picturesque abandoned mill. We can contemplate the beautiful lighthouse of São Pedro de Moel from afar. Located near Leiria.

Paredes da Vitória

This charming beach is located very close to the World Heritage Monastery of Alcobaça. It is a perfect beach for families, because of its peacefulness, safety and closeness to the river. A quite striking rocky formation called “castle” resembles a resting lion facing the Atlantic. At the centre of the beach there is a small village with pleasant terraces, restaurants, a kids’ park and public toilets.

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