Discover the endless sandy beaches in the region of Aveiro. The perfect destination for your Summer vacations !


The beach of Furadouro is located in the north region of Center of Portugal only 3 km away from the town of Ovar. It is known as a fishermen’s and a surfer’s beach, according to the seasons. There is a cycling path connecting Ovar to Furadouro beach. From Furadouro beach you can walk to the nearby Cortegaça and visit its marvellous churches. The involving beaches of Maceda, embraced by the pine forest, and the fishermen’s Torrão do Lameiro with a never-ending sand area can be reached on foot.

São Jacinto

The beach of São Jacinto is truly a hidden gem, located very close to Aveiro at the south extreme of a vast piece of land that separates Aveiro Lagoon from the sea. The quickest way to get from Aveiro to São Jacinto is by ferry. Bordering with the Natural Reserve of São Jacinto Dunes, the sand area is quite vast and wild. Ideal for surf and long soothing walks along the coast. Located north from São Jacinto, you can discover Torreira beach.

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Costa Nova

This is definitely one of the most iconic beaches of Center of Portugal. Famous for its colourful striped house that were in the past the warehouses of the fishermen, the beach of Costa Nova is just like a postcard. Often the perfect setting for an Instagram post! This beach has some pleasant restaurants along the sea front. The sand area is quite vast, ensuring pleasant moments of relaxation. You can walk to Barra beach, iconic for its amazing lighthouse.

Where to stay: AVEIRO Clean & Safe Accommodation