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Beaches of Nazaré

Discover the incredible sany beaches in the region of Nazaré. The perfect destination for your Summer vacations !
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Discover the incredible sandy beaches in the region of Nazaré. The perfect destination for your Summer vacations !

Praia do Norte

Located to the north of the imposing Nazaré Promontory (Promontório da Nazaré), better known as “Sítio”, Praia do Norte is an unsupervised beach. It feels like a wild beach, with dunes that preserve the original vegetation.

The rough sea is dangerous for swimming but is much appreciated by surfers who find spectacular waves here. One such wave, 30m high, was ridden by the Hawaiian Garrett McNamara, in November 2011, and was nominated “Biggest wave” in 2011 by the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.

The formation of such big waves here is explained by the location of the Nazaré canyon, the biggest underwater ravine in Europe, 200km long and a depth that can reach 5,000m. Its headwall, less than 1km off the coast, affects the characteristics of the swell, as it presents itself from the west, creating the giant waves.

Vale Furado

Vale Furado beach is located a few km north from Nazaré among the most surprising cliffs. This is a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the endless wonders of nature. Steep access to the beach and no surveillance. This beach is very popular among fishing aficionados.


The half-moon shaped beach of Nazaré is one of the most picturesque beaches in Portugal, seducing its visitors with colourful beach huts, friendly dry fish sellers and dazzling natural beauty. The best view over Nazaré can be taken from Sítio district, where you can get to by funicular. This is the ideal spot to contemplate this absolutely unique coastal town, while feeling the wind on your face.  

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