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Seen from Fonte das Moscas, the white houses of Benfeita contrast with the Torre da Paz, which stands imposingly with its schist walls. Situated between Côja and the Protected Landscape of Serra do Açor, this quiet mountain village is deeply religious. In addition to the Igreja Matriz de Santa Cecília, you will find in Benfeita and on the outskirts no fewer than six chapels.

But don't let yourself be stuck with the religious customs of the land. Venture along the Caminho do Xisto da Benfeita and you can discover the waterfalls of Fraga da Pena or wander through the leafy Mata da Margaraça, classified as a Nature Reserve.

When it's time to return, don't forget to bring a souvenir. Go to the Aldeias do Xisto store, go to the house of the poet José Simões Dias, or visit Feltrosofia, where art is made from the purest wool. Here, typical objects made with traditional knowledge will give you an original representation of Benfeita.

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