Just like Paris or Amsterdam, visiting Aveiro can be healthy, ecological and economical, in addition to being fun. All you need is a BUGA, a Free Use Bike in Aveiro, made available by the municipality. Visit the entire city, see its heritage, its history and be amazed by the curves of the lagoon, a fun two-wheel walk… for free!

In order to get your ecological transport, you only need to go to the BUGA shop in Manuel Firmino Market and take one of these 300 nice bikes with you. You leave your identification card to get your BUGA. To return your bike you only need to leave it until 7 pm.

Visit Aveiro pedalling

BUGA has a unique design and it personifies the city’s healthy lifestyle, which makes Aveiro an ideal place to live and visit.

So, you can enjoy the area’s flat topography and do as old Aveiro inhabitants did when they went to their factories and fields or distributed fish by bike! You can go through the entire city of Aveiro on a BUGA, from the university campus to the congress centre, in the old Campos Ceramic Factory, having the Lagoon canals and their habitat as your constant companions. Let’s Buga?