Located at the upper part of Coimbra, next to the old Cathedral, this harmonious white house invites you to the serenity of words and gives you the necessary quietness to create.It was in this house that the Neo-Realism movement was created and it was here that the poet João Cochofel met with the greatest names in literature, arts and political thought such as Fernando Namora, Carlos Oliveira or Eduardo Lourenço.

Nowadays, the goal of the House of Writing is to recreate that environment of literary creation, cultural production and the discussion of ideas. Along with its bookstore and library, there is a hall which can be used to welcome events and the work rooms on the second floor are living accommodations which receive Portuguese and foreign writers who wish to remain there during their creative process.

At the centre of Coimbra, writing has its own space to grow, take shape and come to life.