Near the Zêzere River and surrounded by a stunning landscape which harmonizes rocks and valleys with reservoirs, rivers and streams, Janeiro de Baixo is the ideal place to forget the rest of the world. At the centre of the village, brick-built and mortar houses which were built with no specific order, combine with the church and small chapels, offering a pleasant leisure area where there is also a camping park. Here, you can get lost among unique curiosities like a windmill carved on a rock; an old watermill moved by water power, which takes advantage of the escarpment where it was built, or even the curious memory of the Tronco, a place where animals used to be marked. Close by, you should stroll through the old Santa Luzia Dam and be amazed by the Garganta dos Penedos da Foz de Bogas, before you leave to discover the Pampilhosa da Serra municipality.