Martim Branco is like the sweet smell of freshly baked bread in a wood-fired oven: familiar, traditional and absolutely irresistible. Community ovens are, in any case, the most interesting elements in this village and are used to bake bread, but also cakes and roast kid. Recently recovered, these ovens are, along with the fountains, meeting places for the people in the village and have been gaining a new life. Taste the delicacies that come out of them and don’t miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of the riverfront, the most distinguished element in the village along with the schist houses. Before you leave, you should also visit the Arts and Crafts House, an old house which has been transformed in order to reactivate the windmills at Almaceda stream and the linen and loom culture. A Schist Villages Store has also been established in this house.