Surrounded by some of the most interesting buildings in Viseu, Rossio is the heart of the city. This area, where during the late 18th century the European fashion of public promenade was also adopted, was, since the 15th century, the favourite place for Viseu natives to socialize. Nowadays it still attracts local population and visitors to enjoy a few leisure moments among outdoor cafes, under the fresh shade of the lime trees while enjoying scenes from everyday life depicted in the tile panel surrounding the space designed by Joaquim Lopes in 1931.

If you want to enjoy green areas, you can rest at Jardim das Mães (Mothers Garden) or at the large tree area of Tomás Ribeiro Garden. At Aquilino Ribeiro Park, you will find several botanical species living side-by-side with a lake and a buffer zone. In the middle of this little piece of Nature, you will also discover a 16th century chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Victory. Come and discover the city right at its centre.

Viseu Town hall

Located at Rossio, the Town hall was built in 1887 and from then on dominated the urban aesthetic in the city centre. The sober and white walled building, with doors and windows framed in stone rises majestically and leaves no one unaffected. Inside, you can enjoy a wrought iron chandelier designed by Arnaldo Malho, the wood work by Master António Loureiro which decorates the Noble Hall, coloured tiles which decorate the staircase and ceiling paintings signed by Viseu painter José de Almeida e Silva.