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West coast beaches

Explore the amazing West coast beaches of Center of Portugal ! The place to go on your Summer holidays!

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Explore the amazing West coast beaches of Center of Portugal ! The place to go on your Summer holidays!

São Martinho do Porto

The seashell-shaped beach of São Martinho do Porto, founded by the Monks of Alcobaça Monastery in the 13th century, is located halfway between Nazaré and Caldas da Rainha. During the 19th century São Martinho do Porto became a sought-after beach resort and a new era of tourism development began with the opening of hotels, a casino, a nautical club, terraces, cafés, restaurants, and shops.
This cosy beach resembles a bay with very few waves, ideal for swimming with kids, hence its popularity among families! Actually, the bay defines the identity and the spirit of the place. If you are a fan of paragliding the nearby Praia do Salgado is known as “the paragliding capital”.

Salir do Porto

The beach of Salir do Porto has the highest dune in Portugal, which is 50 meters-high! Seen from the bay of São Martinho do Porto, you can have an idea of the real extension of this breath-taking dune.

Foz do Arelho

Picture a vast triangle of sand bathed on the left side by the peaceful waters of Óbidos Lagoon and on the right side by the Atlantic Ocean. This is the one-and-only beach of Foz do Arelho, located near Caldas da Rainha, set in a unique natural landscape. Foz do Arelho has its roots in a small fishing community that lived from the wealth provided by Óbidos Lagoon. In the 19th century Foz do Arelho was the place to be among the rich bourgeoisie and became a cosmopolitan beach resort. Nowadays Foz do Arelho wooden paths with a length of approximately 800m, designed by Nadia Schilling, provide the most outstanding panoramic view over the cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Lagoa de Óbidos

The Óbidos Lagoon is the longest lagoon system in Portugal, with high differentiation of fauna and flora. Across 6.9km2, explore the many migratory birds and aquatic biodiversity. It extends until the Óbidos castle. All of this 10km away from Caldas da Rainha.

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D’El Rey

Located near Óbidos and embraced by the amazing landscape of Montejunto mountain range, Praia d’El Rey is a golden beach with never-ending sand areas and a striking pristine natural beauty.

Bom Sucesso

Beautifully located on the left bank of Óbidos Lagoon, Bom Sucesso beach is a must-go beach for fishing aficionados. The waters next to Óbidos Lagoon area quite peaceful, ideal for swimming with the kids.


Peniche is a worldwide surf destination. But there’s more to it! There are superb family and pet-friendly beaches, the sustainable archipelago of Berlenga in front of Peniche and the lighthouse of Cape Carvoeiro, brightening the Atlantic. A dramatically beautiful natural landscape with true geological treasures that define the unique essence of Peniche. This is also the place to taste the freshest fish in the country! The beach of Baleal is the perfect spot for holidaymakers travelling in family, a far-reaching beach that owns a very special flair.

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Porto Dinheiro

This vast beautiful beach is located next to a small fishermen’s village. There are very good restaurants on spot. The daily departure of small boats is a must-see show! This beach is the stage of the famous Sea Feast that takes place every year in August.

Porto das Barcas

The beach of Porto das Barcas has a small fishing port in the north. In the Summer there is a nice restaurant by the port with a terrace, serving fish specialities.

Porto Novo

Located on the mouth of Alcabrichel river, Porto Novo Beach enjoys a truly overwhelming natural setting in between cliffs covered by the most lavish vegetation. On top of one of the cliffs there is a surprising image of a saint, a promise made by a group of fishermen who were in danger in the sea. This was the place where British troops disembarked prior to the Battle of Vimeiro, during the first Napoleonic invasion, in 1807.

Santa Cruz

This is one of the most breath-taking beaches in the Portuguese west coast. Santa Cruz beach is a deeply vast beach with crystal-clear waters, wild cliffs, never-ending sand areas and remarkable rocky formations with curious shapes, such as the 30-meters high Penedo do Guincho. A truly heavenly place!

Praia da Física

Integrated in Santa Cruz beach, Praia da Física has a very long sand zone, crossed by wooden paths. Ideal for nautical sports.

Praia Formosa

Integrated in Santa Cruz beach, Praia Formosa has a reasonably long sand area. This is a cosy beach, protected from the wind by the arch-shaped cliff. Two belvederes in the north zone – Riba Amarela – and in the south zone – Santa Helena.

Praia Azul

The beach Praia Azul offers a far-reaching sand area, along with the dunes. Very popular among holidaymakers and nautical sports aficionados.

Praia de Santa Rita

Santa Rita beach is a far-reaching beach with dunes. The sea can be angry sometimes, making it perfect for nautical sports. There are walking trails on top of the cliff available.

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