The cycling path of the Atlantic Road  is the largest in the country. This 62 km long cycling path offers several trails, as well as exceptional comfort and safety patterns to ride a bike, roller skates, skates or scooters. A memorable journey across incredible natural landscapes, charming beaches and welcoming towns! During the bike journey you can breathe the fresh air of the pine tree forests of the region, as well as the lovely sea breeze from the Atlantic. At the north-most spot, this cycling path starts in Osso da Baleia beach (Pombal). Your journey continues to Ervedeira Lagoon, ideal for windsurf-lovers and visit the town of Pedrógão and its beaches, where fishermen still fish on the traditional way.

In Marinha Grande, ride along the Lis river, surrounding Vieira de Leiria Beach and head to the cycling path of São Pedro de Moel, a picturesque seaside resort. Taste the most delicious fish varieties in the familiar-like restaurant “Estrela do Mar”. This beautiful trail leads you to the charming pine wood of Leiria, built by King D. Dinis in the 14th century.

Head south to Alcobaça and discover beaches and pine woods across the dazzling beach of Nazaré, one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal; the half-moon shaped bay of São Martinho do Porto and the enchanting Óbidos Lagoon and the priceless Medieval town of Óbidos.

Detailed description

1. Pombal
15,5 km
Trail description: 16 km across the Urso National Woods heading to the beaches of Leiria and Nazaré.
Main highlights: Urso National Woods; Carriço mines; Osso da Baleia beach and Ervedeira Lagoon.

2. Leiria 
Extension: 11,7 km
Trail description: This trail crosses Leiria pine wood along Ervedeira Lagoon, a place of unique beauty, and the town of Pedrógão.
Main highlights: Pedrógão beach; Ervedeira Lagoon; and Pedrógão town.

3. Marinha Grande – Lis River
Extension: 742 meters
Trail description: This trail starts at S. Pedro de Moel cycling path, heading north to river Lis and Tercenas bridge.
Main highlights: In Vieira de Leiria beach visit the Fishermen Chapel, one rare example of wooden churches in Portugal.

4. Marinha Grande – São Pedro de Moel
Extension: 14,6 km
Trail description: The longest of Marinha Grande cycling paths, connecting the beaches of S. Pedro de Moel and Vieira de Leiria.
Main highlights: Beaches of São Pedro de Moel, Vieira de Leiria and the lighthouse of São Pedro.

5. Marinha Grande –  Água de Madeiros
Extension: 2 km
Trail description: This trail starts at São Pedro de Moel to Alcobaça, crossing the pine wood of Leiria.
Main highlights: The beaches of São Pedro de Moel, Valeiras, Pedra Lisa and Água de Madeiros.

6. Alcobaça
Extension: 21 km
Trail description: UNESCO World Heritage Cistercian Monastery of Alcobaça, founded in 1178 and true icon of Portuguese historical heritage.

7. Caldas da Rainha
Extension: 8 km
Trail description:  The trail starts in Foz do Arelho and ends is Salir do Porto across the Atlantic road.
Main highlights: Surprising natural landscapes (Berlengas); the breath-taking bay of São Martinho do Porto; one-of-a-kind Medieval town of Óbidos.