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It's time to take a break, for the good of the world. In the meantime, we can dream for the great days to come. We're in this together.

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Mesa de Lemos

1-star Michelin Mesa de Lemos is located in Quinta de Lemos, 5 minutes away from the picturesque village of Santar, known for its wine production, and 20 minutes away from the city of Viseu. The esteemed Chef Diogo Rocha, in charge of Mesa de Lemos, shows with each menu a cuisine based on the best flavors, and is always searching [...]

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Street art route

Street art continues to fill up the cities of Centro de Portugal with colour and passion. From Aveiro to Covilhã  the most remarkable street artists are leaving their fantastic imprints on the steadily changing city streets.

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Mountain Villages

The Mountain Villages are located at the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela in the council of Seia, 1h20 away from Coimbra and 2 hours away from the Airport of Porto and 3 hours away from the Airport of Lisbon. This village network covers a geographical area of approximately 100 km, including: 14 walking routes and 4 mountain bike trails. [...]

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Surfing in Center of Portugal!

The coastline of Center of Portugal is 279 km long with the best surf spots in Europe.

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Historical Villages of Portugal

They can be very small dots in the world map, but it was thanks to them that the fate of a country was changed. Strategically placed next to the Spanish border, Portugal’s historical villages are the work result of many generations of Kings who were concerned about territorial defense and decided to populate and fortify the area.

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Costa Nova

Be amazed by the warmth of the Costa Nova fishing spirit which is still very much present in its sand plains. Discover the beach, the town and the history of this area.

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Serra da Estrela

When the landscape is breathtaking… fancy stroll through it slowly. At Serra da Estrela time gets a new pace, through the winding paths and boulders that seem to perch in the air. The rush disappears in the altitude of the mountains, and calm accompanies us in the typical mountain villages, among the trees and along the waterways.

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