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Made of gold (“aurantes”) and flowers, Abrantes was founded in the mid-12th century by the first King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques.

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Abrantes has played a major role in crucial moments of the Portuguese History, such as the Christian Reconquer or the French Invasions due to its strategic geographical situation upon the Tagus River.

Abrantes has already been labelled as the most flowery city of Portugal. Every year in May the city dresses up with flowers during the City Feasts and its florid streets compete with each other for the title of the most stunning street.

The historical centre of Abrantes opens up to the eyes of the visitors with the generosity of the places full of memories that stay in our memory. Abrantes has a very rich heritage with several churches – Santa Maria do Castelo, São Vicente, Misericórdia or São João Baptista – convents and manor houses in a colourful mosaic of buildings that catch the eye of every movie aficionado.

From the many belvederes - Outeiro de S. Pedro; Torre de Menagem; Miradouro da Penha, designed by Keil do Amaral; Miradouro das Fontes or recently renewed Cais de Rio de Moinhos – we can contemplate the city along with the breath-taking natural landscape, highly influenced by the Tagus River, the basin of Castelo do Bode and by River Zêzere.

Abrantes has also many gardens and green areas, such as the iconic Castle Garden, whose origins date back to the end of the 19th century or the Republic Garden, stage of important historical episodes and several popular demonstrations.

The Daily Market of Abrantes designed by ARX Portugal architecture atelier owned by the brothers Nuno Mateus and José Mateus was nominee of the international architecture prize “Building of the Year”, promoted by prestigious ArchDaily. This impressive work is, simultaneously, building and street.

The gastronomy of Abrantes is deeply influenced by the river flavours and is famous for fish and game specialities. The region is known for the excellence of its endogenous products, such as wine, honey, liqueur or homemade sausages still made in a traditional way in homerun charcuteries. Conventual sweets is absolutely mouth-watering and the main specialities are “palha de Abrantes”, “tigeladas”, honey breads, lime-shaped sweets, sweet chestnuts or “mulatos”.

The river beaches of the basin of Castelo do Bode, of Aldeia do Mato and Fontes are a true must! The basin of Castelo do Bode, which is over 60 km long, is one of the biggest water basins in Portugal. This is the perfect place for engaging in nautical sports (sailing, rowing, canoeing, kayak, windsurf), fishing, swimming and navigation.

Abrantes is located 138 Km away from the Lisbon airport.
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Abrantes is located 248 Km away from the Oporto airport.
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Abrantes is located 471 Km away from Madrid (Spain).
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