Inspired by the major novel of one of the most outstanding Portuguese writers of all times, Eça de Queirós, The Crime of Father Amaro, the municipality of Leiria has created a street art tour based on high-dimensioned canvas of the artist Sílvia Patrício, depicting the main scenes of the plot and placed on the most iconic buildings of the historical centre of Leiria.The municipality of Leiria has chosen 10 key-spots for placing the 13 canvas of the gifted Portuguese artist, Sílvia Patrício. The paintings represent her vision of the novel, focusing on Amaro’s childhood, passion and tragedy.

The guided tours take place every second Saturday of the month and it is a very interesting and original urban art exhibit. Previous reservation is required, though.

Leiria invites the visitors to explore the city through the eyes of the Sílvia Patrício, one of the most promising plastic artists of Portugal.

Sílvia Patrício
The plastic artist Sílvia Patrício was born on May 1974 in Vincennes (France) and lives in Leiria. She
she took the University Master Degree in Escola Superior de Arte e Design das Caldas da Rainha in 2000 and soon started to tread her own path in plastic arts. Until nowadays she has done several works and exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. In 2009, Sílvia Patrí­cio exhibited her work “Essa paixão proibida (The forbidden passion)” based on the book “O Crime do Padre Amaro”- (The crime of father Amaro) from Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz, in Ensaios Gallery, Leiria. In 2011 it was time for the exhibition”Entremundos (Between Worlds) in Leiria Castle, and the exhibition “Contos e Lendas (Tales and Legends)” that took place at Ensaios Gallery, Leiria. She has a vast résume of exhibits all over Portugal (Lisboa,Porto,Sesimbra,Pombal,Nazaré, Portimão and Maia) and several paintings commissioned by private collectors, mainly due to her peculiar approach to portraits.
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