Opened in 2010, Côa Museum allows you to discover the best art collection in the valley through replicas of the original engravings and interactive information, which uses modern digital technology, as well as guided tours to the valley with specialized guides (booking is necessary).The building was designed by Portuguese architects Pedro Tiago Pimentel and Camilo Rebelho and rises majestically over the valley, divided into four floors with a permanent exhibition area and temporary exhibition rooms. The area allows visitors to go back thousands of years, contextualizing and unfolding Côa’s rock art through multimedia resources, photography, drawing and the use of life sized images of the engravings and the places. Objects discovered during excavations conducted in the valley are also on display. They will carry you to the environment of hunter-gather societies of the Palaeolithic.

Come and take this trip back in time while you discover how living during the early years of human existence was!