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Comur Museum

Housed in the former building of the canning food factory, Comur cannery is a true symbol of a deep-rooted tradition of preserving eels. This museum tells the most incredible stories to its visitors.

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Did you know that during Second World War the troops of Mussolini were fed by Murtosa’s canned pickled eels? In fact, this was the first major supply of Murtosa. There are many preserved food museums in Portugal, but Comur cannery is the only one in Portugal dedicated to preserved eels – a trademark of Murtosa.

For many decades the women of Murtosa fried the eels, supplying not only the coastline area, but also the inland of the country (Viseu, Guarda or Castelo Branco). The demand was so huge that the fish frying women felt that they didn’t have enough means of production. Therefore, a few business man of the neighboring city of Estarreja joined them and thriving Comur was founded.

The washing tanks, the packaging machinery and the frying tanks have remained unchanged, so that visitors can experience the spirit of the place, also through sound and image.

Tuesday to Sunday
09:30 – 12:30
14:00 – 17:30

Comur Museum

Rua José Maria Barbosa
3870-214 Murtosa
+351 234 830 117
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